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  • JavaScript
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    • NodeJS
    • ExpressJS
    • MongoDB
  • Ruby
    • Rails
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About Me

Hi! My name is Wesley, most people call me Wes. Since a young age, I've always been fascinated by technology. I think it all started when I played my first game on Super Nintendo. I don't remember which game, only that I couldn't get enough of it and wanted to know more. Growing up, whenever something broke, I would immediately take it apart to see if I can fix it. It's who I am. I love being creative, fixing things and I always appreciate a challenge!

Besides coding, I love to game. Whether it's a board game or video game, I'm a competitive person at heart so I always strive to the be the best at whatever I'm doing. If it's with a team or by myself, I love to succeed. Some other hobbies I like are photography and drawing. Whenever I have the chance to travel, I hop on right away and that's where photography comes in. All the pictures on this website were taken by me when I was in Toronto. I might add a little gallery to the website later on. I'm not the best at drawing but I love art, particularly concept art. Maybe one day, with enough practice, I can draw some great concept art!

I'm currently working hard towards my goal of becoming a Web Developer and I'm excited for what the future holds!