Patatap Clone

  • Javascript
  • PaperJS

  • This particular project was really fun to make. Its purely javascript using the PaperJS framework. It listens for keyboard presses on each letter of the alphabet. Each key has a unique sound and with each press a circle is randomly generated with animated colors. Make sure to turn your volume down if its up!

    RGB Color Game

  • Javascript

  • This was one of my first projects using just Javascript. It uses Javascript built in methods to randomly generate numbers between 0-256. From there, I was able to use those random numbers to generate a random color using the RGB color model. I added click event listeners to the buttons and squares. I finished it off by adding logic to check if the clicked color is equal to the RGB color generated.

    Yelp Camp (Lost in the abyss)

  • ExpressJS
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Various NPM packages

  • Working on restoring this particular project for demoing but the repo is still available from the link below. This was one of my first big projects. Using mostly the MEAN stack except for Angular. Used a NoSQL database (MongoDB) and queried it using the NPM package 'mongoose'. Complete with user, campground, and comment database collections. ObjectID reference to store comments and campgrounds unique to each user instance. Complete user authorization and authentication with middleware security.


  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • PostgreSQL

  • This was the very first project in my venture into programming. Much like YelpCamp it's complete with user signups but also with subscription plans. Added security by whitelisting form fields. User profile pages with extra features added for "Pro Users". It's been a while since I touched Ruby as I've mostly been focusing on Javascript and the MEAN stack.